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Exclusive Wine from Medugorje - Only from Vinoklet

Christian tradition teaches that Christ begins his ministry with the miraculous transformation of water to wine at the wedding at Cana in Galilee.  It was the first of the miraculous signs.  Wine has been an integral part of Christian tradition from the beginning. 

Vinoklet now brings you wine from Medugorje, known as a “Holy Place” to many Christians around the world.  It is said that the Virgin Mary appeared to young shepherds tending sheep in the small villiage and brought a message similar to the ones given in Guadalupe, Lourdes and Fatima.  

People from all over the world have visited Medugorje to pay tribute to this remarkable event.  Many believers claim they are richer in their spiritual life and their prayers were fulfilled. 

The sun and soil of Medugorje provide a unique area to produce this high-quality wine.  It has been enjoyed by European nobility including kings and queens at royal feasts and galas.

Vinoklet Winery is now importing this exceptional wine for your pleasure.  Wines from Medugorje include BLATINA, a dry red wine similiar to a Cabernet Sauvignon and ZILAVKA, a dry white wine similiar to a Chardonnay.