Listing of Awards

2016 Ohio Wine Competition

Brother Joe - Silver  

Traminette - Bronze

Sweet Jackie - Silver

Passion - Silver

Dreamer - Bronze

In Vino Veritas - Silver

LaDolce Vita - Gold

2015 Ohio Wine Competition

Brother Joe - Double Gold, Best Wine in Ohio

In Vino Veritas - Double Gold 

Dreamer - Double Gold 

Cincinnatus - Gold 

2012 Director's ChoiceAward

Best White Wine in Ohio: Vinoklet's Traminette

2012 Indianapolis International Wine CompetitionAward

Double Gold: Traminette

Silver: Brother Joe

Silver: La Dolce Vita

2011 Ohio State University Wine Competition

Gold: Brother Joe, Traminette

Silver: Dreamer

Bronze: La Dolce, In Vino Veritas, -Cincinnatus and Sunset Blush

2011 Ohio State Wine Competition

Gold Medal: Brother Joe

Silver Medal: Traminette

Silver Medal: La Dolce Vita

2011 Finger Lakes Wine Competition

Gold Medal: La Dolce Vita

Silver Medal: Brother Joe 

Silver Medal: Traminette

2010 Ohio Wine Competition

Silver Medal: La Dolce Vita, Traminette, Brother Joe

Bronze Medal: Sunset Blush

2010 New York State Wine Competition

Silver Medal: Brother Joe

2010 Indianapolis International Wine Competition

Silver Medal: Traminette

Bronze Medal: Brother Joe