Best Ohio Wine 2012 Award Ceremony

Best Ohio Wine

Vinoklet's Traminette was awarded "Best Ohio Wine 2012" in the category of White Wines by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Click on the photo above to see highlights of the ceremony. 


Listing of Awards

2016 Ohio Wine Competition

Brother Joe - Silver  

Traminette - Bronze

Sweet Jackie - Silver

Passion - Silver

Dreamer - Bronze

In Vino Veritas - Silver

LaDolce Vita - Gold

2015 Ohio Wine Competition

Brother Joe - Double Gold, Best Wine in Ohio

In Vino Veritas - Double Gold 

Dreamer - Double Gold 

Cincinnatus - Gold 

2012 Director's ChoiceAward

Best White Wine in Ohio: Vinoklet's Traminette

2012 Indianapolis International Wine CompetitionAward

Double Gold: Traminette

Silver: Brother Joe

Silver: La Dolce Vita

2011 Ohio State University Wine Competition

Gold: Brother Joe, Traminette

Silver: Dreamer

Bronze: La Dolce, In Vino Veritas, -Cincinnatus and Sunset Blush

2011 Ohio State Wine Competition

Gold Medal: Brother Joe

Silver Medal: Traminette

Silver Medal: La Dolce Vita

2011 Finger Lakes Wine Competition

Gold Medal: La Dolce Vita

Silver Medal: Brother Joe 

Silver Medal: Traminette

2010 Ohio Wine Competition

Silver Medal: La Dolce Vita, Traminette, Brother Joe

Bronze Medal: Sunset Blush

2010 New York State Wine Competition

Silver Medal: Brother Joe

2010 Indianapolis International Wine Competition

Silver Medal: Traminette

Bronze Medal: Brother Joe